Temporarily detained

Temporarily detained

The arrestees will testify to the district attorney on Monday.

The arrestees will testify to the district attorney on Monday.

It was decided they will remain detained in Thessaloniki in order to give their statements concerning the gas canister attack last October in Thessaloniki. They are facing serious charges of participating in a terrorist group, terrorists acts and illegal weapons. They have denied the charges and just declare themselves to be anarchists.

The police are investigating the role of 28-year-old German Marie Fee Meyer, arrested on Friday, since she seems to have had very close relations with the four persons arrested. Her flat is being searched by police at the moment. The German woman denies she is a terrorist; she just says she is an anarchist and a friend of the arrestees.

The Federal German Police issued a statement saying the girl is NOT the daughter of Barbara Meyer, a member of RAF. Also, a man identifying himself in the French press as Wolfgang Meyer, the father of the girl, claims his daughter has nothing to do with RAF.

It seems that the anti-terrorist group are dealing with a new organization and not more members of other known terrorist groups. The discovery of the laptops in their hiding place indicates that clearly.

The name of the group is not yet known but according to evidence, they were planning attacks in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The police report refers to a new organization without a name that would take responsibility for several bombings as an act of support to the trial of the members of the terrorist group Conspiracy of the Cores of Fire.

The statement found in the hard drives mentioned:

-Participation in an international network of terrorist groups

-References to theoretical texts and approaches through which they define their acts

-Their opposition to terrorist group Revolutionary Struggle

Also, the police found:

-Addresses of Police Stations


-Photos of military weapons and systems

The arrestees have so far refused to give any evidence.

The police are trying to track down the movements of the five arrested during the last few months in Athens, their phone conversations as well as their meetings in Thisio and Exarchia. Sources say that the Greek police are sure that the apprehended individuals had been trying to hit a target during the weekend. Howeve, the target is not yet known.

A contact in Thessaloniki, connected with the "Conspiracy of The Cores of Fire" has an appartment in Thessaloniki, where they were hiding ammunition which they wanted to bring to Athens.

At the same time, the four arrested youngsters have now been identified.

1.Charalambos Tsilianidis, 23

2.Dimitrios Fessas, 23

3. Dimitrios Dimstiadis, 23

4.Sokratis Tzifkas, 21

During the search of the hiding place of the accused, the police found:

2 guns, bullets, a  silencer, 3 laptops, 5 USBs, 2 HDs, 4 mobile phones, 8 IDs, applications for student IDs, 2 rubber stamps of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, notes, 4,000 euros, duct tape, bulbs, keys, tools and a lamination device. All the above are being tested for DNA and fingerprints.

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