Nicosia confirms commencement of drilling

According to confirmed information obtained by, Ankara is discreetly monitoring the progress of Turkish rocketship “Bora"...

According to confirmed information obtained by, Ankara is discreetly monitoring the progress of Turkish rocket-carrying vessel “Bora”, which is sailing 30 nautical miles north of the “Homer Ferrington” oil rig. The Turkish warship is taking part in the “Mediterranean Shield” operation, which is being presented by Ankara as an aid to the  “Active Endeavour” NATO-led, anti-terrorist operation.

American company “Noble” has begun exploratory drilling for gas off the southern coast of Cyprus, as stated today by Cyprus Energy Minister, Solon Kassinis, on Dow Jones Newswires.

Speaking to the Cypriot News Agency, the Energy minister stated that the drilling began on Sunday evening within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the island on the “Aphrodite” oil rig.

At the same time, the Turkish government has begun initial seismic surveys in order to detect hydrocarbons in two areas:

- Between Cyprus and Kastelorizo, where work is being carried out by Norwegian research vessels. The Norwegian “Bergen Surveyor”, supported by “Thor Beamer”, is moving in the Gulf of Antalya. Despite the fact that the two surveyor vehicles moved southwards, they still remain over the Turkish continental shelf where research is being conducted.

- The second area where research is taking place is between Kos and Rhodes, albeit in Turkish territorial waters. Work in that area has been underway for some weeks now and is expected to continue until mid-October.

Today, Turkey asked the Cypriot government to halt immediately the natural gas research being carried out in cooperation with Noble Energy off the Cypriot coast, and declared that Turkish research vessels may be accompanied by Turkish warships.

Today, Turkish Energy minister Taner Yildiz told reporte that a proposed agreement between Turkey and the Turkish pseudo-state to establish maritime boundaries will result in the presence of Turkish petroleum company TPAO on the waters off northern occupied Cyprus. “If the Greek side keeps to its timetables, we will also begin research of our own next week”, stressed the minister.
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