Only two remittances audited from the 25,000 that were sent abroad

Only two remittances audited from the 25,000 that were sent abroad

Stournaras admitted so in parliament - Only 5 million euros collected

Only two remittances audited from the 25,000 that were sent abroad

The tax collecting mechanisms of Greece have managed to complete only two cases out of the thousands included in a list of remittances over 100,000 euro that were sent abroad by thousands of Greeks in the period of the uncontrolled economic crisis from 2009 to 2011.

According to data reported by Finance minister Yannis Stournaras in parliament in response to a question by Apostolos Kaklamanis the course of all cases with large tax interest moves at a snail's pace.

Specifically, from approximately 54,000 transfers of amounts over 100,000 euros that were sent to foreign banks in 2009-2011 Greek authorities excluded those who justified the amounts and sent letters to 24,710 depositors to send additional explanations. Eventually, Stournaras said "we selected 436 cases with large tax interest that were sent to the Taxation Centre for Great Wealth. The investigation is ongoing. Of the 436 cases 2 have been completed and we have received 5 million euros."

Regarding the list of those who rushed to invest in property in London, the minister said "we identified 107 cases. Of these 84 were selected and we confirmed fines of 162,000 euros." In addition, the tax authorities have prepared a list of 136 taxpayers who own cruisers in Britain. Of these 16 were tested and in 8 cases tax offenses were confirmed, while the lifting of bank privacy has been requested for three large law firms which show infringements in their bookkeeping and data.

According to the minister, there is a shift in the auditing of 10.000 offshore corporations of Greek interest. From the first 322 cases that have been selected Greek authorities have sent 163 audit commands, while they have completed audits in 34 companies and issued fines of approximately 40 million euros.

Stournaras said that "from crosschecking of data by the Tax offices and TAXIS in 2,423 cases there was evidence and subsequent audit issues given for 1,800. We have completed 329 audits and confirmed amounts of 36 million euros."

Regarding the Lagarde list, the minister said he has requested the opening of bank accounts of all the depositors and that 150 cases are in progress.

Concluding, he explained that the tax collecting mechanisms of Greece are staffed with new and specialized personnel and that he will bring in parliament a regulation to reduce the auditing time.

Kaklamanis told the minister that there must be repercussions for managers of tax mechanisms explaining that "it impossible to collect only 5 million euros of 22,000 remittances of people that were making money abroad while Athens was burning" and that "the taxpaying ability of the Greeks has been exhausted."
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