Oettinger’s commitments for DEPA, DESFA and pipeline funding

Oettinger’s commitments for DEPA, DESFA and pipeline funding

Discussions on the major problem of Greek entrepreneurs due to high energy costs

Οι δεσμεύσεις Έτινγκερ για ΔΕΠΑ, ΔΕΣΦΑ και χρηματοδότηση αγωγών
The completion of the privatization of DESFA, the new round for the privatization of DEPA, the financing of pipelines and the major problem faced by Greek entrepreneurs due to high energy costs, were the issues that dominated the meeting with Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger.


Regarding DESFA the Commissioner pledged to contribute to the agreement between Azerbaijan, EU and Greece for the completion of the privatization, which is in danger of falling back chronologically.


About DEPA, special reference was made to the EPA and the agreement reached with the Italians, for which Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has said he will honor the signatures of the Greek State.


The framework for the privatization of DEPA requires the deregulation and distribution of these networks but, in the case of Greece, they are in the hands of the Italians already. Oettinger pledged to contribute to the settlement of this issue as well.


For pipelines, i.e. the interconnection for electricity of Crete with the rest of Greece and Israel, and the connection with Bulgaria, the Commissioner said that these projects could be integrated into Community funding programs.


On the other hand, Greek business circles spoke about the high energy costs in Greece, an issue the Commissioner took into consideration.
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