Venizelos: We will not discuss new measures

Venizelos: We will not discuss new measures

The objectives have been achieved, the government must focus on real economy issues - The framework agreement will come at the end of the week

PASOK president and Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos said he would not accept the adoption of new fiscal measures, in his meeting Wednesday with government ministers from PASOK.

He added that if there is no progress in discussions with members of the Troika then the Greek government will have to raise the issue at a political level.

He also said that the objectives have been achieved and gave special importance to the structural primary surplus. Describing alternatives that can be deposited, he talked about a new haircut, debt relief by lengthening the maturities of bonds, use of eurobonds, though he added that this is a debate that will take place in the coming days.

Until then, he said, the Greek government should focus on issues of real economy, which will include the programming agreement between the two partners to be completed at the end of this week.

The PASOK president also touched on the issue of the Golden Dawn and expressed the view that justice is moving in the right direction while he said he feels vindicated for the insistence of PASOK to denounce the fascist party. Referring to the anti-racist bill, he said it will go ahead and that it might be promoted in parliament next week.

Regarding the joint statements of the 58 persons for the Center-Left, Venizelos called it as positive and underlined that PASOK does not want to undermine it, but will actively participate to breathe life into the association of Center-Left forces in view of the European elections and the local government elections.
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