"Maturing pensions" for 150000 employees in the public sector

Around 150000 or more employees will have left the narrower and wider public sector by 2015...

Around 150000 or more employees will have left the narrower and wider public sector by 2015.

This is the goal of the government which was agreed upon during Wednesday’s meeting between Minister of Finance Yannis Stournaras and Minister of Administrative Reform Antonis Manitakis.

The two ministers spoke of a different reserve plan, referring to a “maturing pension” for those who are close to retirement.

This is a development which was announced, essentially, by the Democratic Left party which, through its representative Andreas Papadopoulos, had indicated earlier on Wednesday that “the government’s plan, namely that of the Minister of Administrative Reform, which is proceedi apace with the process of maturation, that is early retirement, can replace the issue of redundancy or reserve”.

“Let us not focus on the words which divide us but on the processes that unite us”, the two ministers said after the meeting. Among other things, they stated that through the assessment of the structures and personnel of the State, they will achieve staff reductions, reduced operating costs and expenses and there will be a more efficient, smaller and more qualitative state.

The financial benefit will result from the difference between the average salary and average pension, which is simply a percentage of the salary.

Reportedly, in 2012 its aim is to reduce the staff of the state by 15000 people, but with a natural flow of withdrawals, while they are setting goals per year until 2015.

All this, of course, will be put before the Troika, which will decide whether to give the “green light” or not…

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