54 dead in France and 45 in Greece!

54 dead in France and 45 in Greece!

Countries with 6 times our population have the same number of cases as ours – Only 5,7% have been vaccinated

The flu continues its deadly march in our country. A total of 45 people have lost their lives due to complications while patient hospitalisations in ICUs are increasing dramatically.

And it is characteristic that the deaths in Greece increase further when compared to those of other countries. In France and Spain, countries with 6 times our population, deaths amount only to 54. In Portugal 18 people have lost their lives, while in Finland and Austria, where extensive vaccinations are taking place, there have only been 4 deaths.

The… Greek flu hits red

On average, 15 new cases have been recorded in ICUs every day for the past two weeks. Indicatively, 19 people with respiratory complications were admitted to ICUs just yesterday. On the same day, the number of flu patients in ICUs peaked at 104, taking up as many beds out of a total of 150 around the country.

Greece is at the height of the seasonal flu, as the data from Europe shows. Specifically, our country is one of the 5 where the highest activity occurs – the others are Bulgaria, Italy, Norway and Latvia. In the rest of the continent the flu is subsiding and in Britain, which was severely tested by the flu two months ago, activity is quite low.  

Concern over deaths

Greek scientists had been stressing the treacherous behaviour of the A(H1NH) flu since its first seasonal appearance. They were proven right by the number of deaths - 45 in 25 days - but but also the number of ICU admissions – 193 in 1,5 month, whereas throughout the pandemic a total of 291 people were hospitalized.

Insufficient public vaccination – just 5.7% of the population have received the anti-flu vaccine this year – even of persons in high-risk groups, has sounded the alarm for health authorities. It’s characteristic that none of the individuals who succumbed to the flu had been vaccinated.
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