The state funds will receive 95 million euros from the lists

The state funds will receive 95 million euros from the lists

Samaras called for faster audits on foreign remittances and offshore companies

The audits on the lists of remittances and offshore companies have led so far to the recovery of more than 95 million euros according to the information the economic team gave to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. He called for the acceleration of audits at the meeting held in the Ministry of Finance.
As the ministry announced in relation to remittances sent abroad:
- the initial processing of 54,000 cases revealed that 24.710 of them needed further investigation
- for the 24.710 cases officials sent letters urging taxpayers to provide evidence of justification
- the cases in which the audit has already been completed will bring more than 25 million euros. In addition, the Financial Crime Unit continues to audit the cases of the Lagarde List and the General Secretariat of Public Revenue performs tax audits in some of them
- in the coming months and after the enactment of the new fast partial verification procedures, even more cases will be completed in order to generate multiple results
- the previous period the ministry strengthened the special team of auditors investigating these cases in infrastructure and staff, and evaluated the followed procedures to speed up their work
Similar actions are implemented under the control of the cases of offshore companies. The result of the so far completed cases exceeds 70 million euros.
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