Saudis interested for Greek privatizations

Saudis interested for Greek privatizations

Especially for companies in the energy sector - Meeting in warm climate for Environment Minister G. Maniatis and the Saudi ambassador

Environment Minister Yannis Maniatis met with members of the Saudi Arabia - Greece Friendship Group, accompanied by Secretary of Energy Kostas Mathioudakis and Saudi Arabia's ambassador in Athens Rayed Khalid A Krimly.

The meeting reaffirmed the warm relations between the two countries and the economic ties that can be further extended through new synergies with multiple benefits for both sides.

Saudi Arabia plays an important role in energy issues, and is among the most important sources of crude oil for the Greek refineries, which has been particularly strengthened lately, while the Greek merchant fleet plays an important role in the foreign trade of Saudi Arabia.

As Maniatis said, such meetings strengthen the bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries. The Saudi ambassador and the delegation of his country were particularly interested in the privatization of companies in the energy sector and energy efficiency issues for Renewable Energy Sources, which can host a field of cooperation with institutions and organizations in Greece.

Maniatis mentioned Greece's positions on energy security, linking its efforts with the priorities set during the Greek Presidency of the European Union.
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