Murder of two Golden Dawn members outside the offices in Neo Irakleio

 Murder of two Golden Dawn members outside the offices in Neo Irakleio

The incident occurred on Irakleiou Avenue 420 - Reportedly the perpetrators were two and on a black motorbike - Golden Dawn speaks of an attack with Kalashnikovs

All that happened Friday afternoon on Irakleiou Avenue 420, outside the offices of the Golden Dawn, is reminiscent of an execution.

Two young persons, of 22 and 26 years old were shot dead while a third person is hospitalized heavily wounded in the chest in the G. Gennimatas hospital.

Golden Dawn officials said both of the dead were members of the party.

According to an eyewitnesses, the two assailants parked their motorcycle on Irakleiou Avenue and walked to the two Golden Dawn members, shooting them from afar with the last shots being fired from a distance of one meter. One of them fell dead on the point and the second was initially taken gravely injured in the Agia Olga Hospital, where he later died. Sources say that one was shot in the head and the other in the chest.

One of the victims worked in a coffee bar in Irakleio and the second in his father's business.

The information on the perpetrators say they were two people with covered faces on a motorcycle.

The Anti-Terrorist Unit has undertaken the investigation and officers are combing the area to locate the perpetrators or the motorcycle they used.

Golden Dawn: Two Greeks 22 and 26-year-old were shot dead with Kalashnikovs

A post on the website of the Golden Dawn a few minutes after the incident stated: ‘Two Greeks 22 and 26 years old have been shot dead in Neo Irakleio outside the offices of the Golden Dawn on Irakleiou Avenue. One is badly injured and is being currently taken to the "Genimatas" hospital. There were two perpetrators on a motorbike who got off and shot at close range at the three young people.’

 Kasidiaris: The dead were members of the Golden Dawn

 The two men who were killed Friday afternoon outside the offices of Golden Dawn in Neo Irakleio are GD members, according to Elias Kasidiaris.

The Golden Dawn spokesman appeared on Star TV and talked about a terrorist attack and criticized the government and the Minister of Public Order and Justice.
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