Melting at 40C

Melting at 40C

Weather: mild and hot.

Temperature: 20-36C in northern Greece, 23-36C in central and southern Greece, 24-39C in western Greece, 25-32C in the Aegean and Crete, and up to 36C in the Dodecanese and the eastern Aegean.

Winds: northern moderate and locally strong in the Aegean and northwestern moderate in the Ionian.



Weather: warm and mild.

Temperature: will reach 37C.

Winds: moderate to strong.



Weather: good and mild.

Temperature: will reach 35C.

Winds: southern moderate.

Protection against the heatwave

According to the guidelines issued by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the ministry of Health and EKAV, the elderly and children should be very careful about the heatwave of the next days, but this does not mean that it cannot threaten us all.

Also, those who suffer from chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular, etc.) should definitely consult their doctor for specific instructions; especially those taking medications, because some drugs have the ability to increase body temperature.

What to avoid during the heatwave:

-          stay in shady and cool places during the warm hours of the day, avoiding crowded places

-          heavy physical work

-          walking or running for many hours under the sun

-          consumption of fatty foods and alcohol

-          long trips by various means of transportation

What is recommended:

-          light clothing, comfortable and light clothes of porous material to facilitate ventilation of the body and evaporation of sweat. Wearing a hat or cap of natural material that allows ventilation of the head

-          small, frequent meals, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of fluids. If sweating is intense, an additional intake of salt is recommended to maintain the normal fluid levels of the body

-          many lukewarm showers during the day. It is also good to place wet covers on the head and neck

-          black or dark sun glasses to protect our eyes from the intense glare of the sun

Instructions for newborns and infants:

-          newborns should be dressed as light as possible. Preferably hands and feet should be free and not wrapped in diapers

-          besides milk, they should often be treated with other liquids like chamomile, water, etc.

-          babies and older children should eat more fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods

-          children must not remain too long in the sun after a swim and must always wear a hat. It is easily understood that swimming should occur between 10 to 1 in the morning and after 5 pm

Instructions for the elderly:

Older people are more at risk of a heat stroke and other effects of heat, so it is recommended they remain cool and dry throughout the heat. The room or the house in general should be closed, but after having been cooled and stayed open all night.

Families with older people should take care not to leave them alone in cases of summer vacation or extended absence from home. Otherwise, they must provide someone for their daily care.


-          add a little more salt to your food, to maintain balance in body fluids as there is profuse sweating. If you have high blood pressure this directive should be ignored

-          consume fruits and vegetables. Our summer offers a wide range of options, highly nutritious and tasty, with watermelons at the top, melons, figs, grapes, etc. Beyond bringing freshness, they help with digestion, so our body is not overburdened

-          avoid heavy foods and high-fat foods. Their digestion burdens our digestive system

-          keep a bottle of cool water with you as it is consumed much more easily in larger quantities

-          limit the consumption of coffee and alcohol as they are diuretic liquids

Medication during the heatwave

The heat can affect the effect of certain medications, such as antidepressants; hence those taking medication should consult their doctor on whether they need to modify it.
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