Lowering of tax exemption level, for pensions too

Lowering of tax exemption level, for pensions too

Greeks should expect an even bigger storm of measures ahead of the finalization of the 6th installment.

According to exclusive information, the measures to be announced by the government, after the second phone conference between the Greek finance minister Evangelos Venizelos and the Troika representatives, are going to be the harshest up to now.

Heavy shadows are hanging over the government members, who believe that among these measures the PASOK leadership will also announce the lowering of the ceiling in tax exempted incomes, meaning that from now on even monthly wages of 350 euros will be taxed.

Moreover, we will see further cuts in pensions, full-scale layoffs of about 50,000 civil servants in one go and new criteria of taxation for freelancers or self-employed individuals of all specializations.

Furthermore, there will be an acceleration of the privatizations planned for 2012 and the revocation of double pensions.

The Troika representatives are the ones responsible for the extreme measures as they insist on their implementation, above all because this way they can make sure Greece will manage to lower its deficit and play by their rules, while at the same time showing allegiance to those setting the rules.

Translated by Lida Filippakis
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