Subsidence on the road after the increase in tolls!

Καθίζηση στο δρόμο, μετά την αύξηση στα διόδια!

The specific section of road was delivered on December 7

A month after the delivery of the Korinthos-Tripoli-Kalamata section, subsidence occurred in the Paradeisia junction. This is one of the most problematic spots of the highway and is located just a few kilometres after the big landslide spot of 2001.

According to the consortium, the sedimentation of the road is «due to aquifer of the ground»  and restoration work will be finished in 10 days. The 5klm section of «Lefktro-Paradeisia» was delivered on December 7 and together with Tripoli-Athinaio, had launched the new toll station in Asea.

A second station has been planned for the problematic part of the road. The progress on the Korinthos-Tripoli section was accompanied by an increase of the kilometric distance from 0,3 to 0,4%/klm, shooting the fares up by approximately 38%.

The increases, along with the recent indexations, have reinforced the movement against tolls and contractors. The recent decision of the ministry of Infrastructure, which is backed by the Personal Data Authority, about profiling the drivers and giving their data to the owners, is throwing oil into the fire.
Appeals from NE Attica

For this case an appeal has filed today against the decision of the Authority, by citizens of NE Attica and the Oropos municipality, supporting that camera usage by Nea Odos is illegal.

They are asking for the decision to be rescinded, due to the importance of the issue to be discussed in Parliament and so that the applicants can be allowed to attend in order to express their opinions.

According to the Committee, the main reasons for the appeal are six:

* In the Authority note for the approval of personal data use earlier decisions were not considered, according to which camera use requires specific legislation, which does not exist in this case.
* Camera use, according to the contract of the concession of the Athens-Lamia national road, is allowed in toll stations with free vehicle flow and without bars, which is not the case for this controversial road.
* The Nea Odos company has announced the operation of cctv to the Authority but for reasons that do not include photo use for documenting non-payment of toll fares.
* Keeping personal data is allowed for no more than 25 days without the special permission of the Authority. However, the relevant answering note says that it can be used for as long as required.
* It is technically impossible to document non-payment by means of this specific type of photographic record. The provision of the contract, which states that along with picture taking the company certificate also supports the issuing of payment orders, is deemed unconstitutional because thereby private employees are given public employy rights.
* The principles of proportionality and the supply of the measure on which the law of personal data protection is based, are being circumvented.

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