They hope for a breath of relief with the sales!

Ελπίζουν ότι θα πάρουν ανάσα με τις εκπτώσεις!

Offers are already up and known firms are informing their customers about reductions up to 30%

The winter sales, the last hope of the market for recovery, will start this Saturday.

After a bad holiday season marked by a fall up to 40% in turnovers, businesses are on tcounter attack.

But the offers started ten days ago, as clothing companies have been sending messages to inform their public about offers that reach -30%.

The same thing applies to large malls such as Athens Heart, which are talkning about reductions even of up to 70%! More or less all the sectors will introduce major offers due to the crisis.

Meanwhile, and for the first time, businesses are openly discussing the possibility of a new institutional framework for the market, even with the opening of shops on a few Sundays each year.

A framework however, that has not yet been clarified despite the announcements of ESEE president, Vasilis Korkidis.

In any case, the small/medium size business owners are afraid of bankruptcies if the sales do not go as planned. Already, estimations talk about 7.000 businesses that are in the red.
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