Kedikoglou: We will reach an agreement until Sunday

Kedikoglou: We will reach an agreement until Sunday

The government spokesman’s reply to Schäuble’s statements

Kedikoglou: We will reach an agreement until Sunday
Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said that the Greek government will be able to conclude the negotiation with the troika until Sunday.

Speaking on SKAI earlier today Thursday and a few hours before the meeting of Finance Minister Stournaras with representatives of Greece’s lenders, Kedikoglou referred, inter alia, to the statements of Wolfgang Schäuble, who replied with ironic tone in a question regarding Greece.

As the government spokesman said, the debt issue was pressed upon the German minister persistently, while he was talking about other matters.

Regarding the rumors that want the troika raising the issue of the distribution of the primary surplus in 2013, Kedikoglou said the plan is to distribute it in categories with high diffusion in the economy. As an example he brought the low pensioners and said that the said group will spend the money on the market.

Lastly, he disproved the reports that want the Greek government to have ordered a cessation of payments to private individuals.
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