Weekend weather prediction

Weekend weather prediction

Sporadic showers and snowfall on the mountains

Weekend weather prediction
Saturday, December 7, 2013
Macedonia, Thrace
Weather: cloudy, sporadic rain and snow in the mountains.
Winds: northern northwestern 4 – 7B.
Temperature: -3 – 8C.
Ionian, Epirus, western mainland, western Peloponnisos
Weather: showers and snowfall in the mountains of Epirus and western mainland.
Winds: western northwestern 3 – 7B.
Temperature: 2 – 16C 5 less in Epirus.
Thessaly, eastern mainland, Evia, eastern Peloponnisos
Weather: sporadic rainfall and snow in the mountains.
Winds: western 4 – 7B.
Temperature: -2 – 15C.
Cyclades, Crete
Weather: sporadic rainfall.
Winds: western northern 4 – 7B.
Temperature: 10 – 16C.
Dodecanese, eastern Aegean
Weather: sporadic showers and chance of storms in the Dodecanese.
Winds: western southwestern to northern 4 – 6B.
Temperature: 7 – 16C 4 less in the north.
Weather: cloudy with chance of showers.
Winds: western northern 3 – 6B.
Temperature: 4 – 16C 3 less in the north.
Weather: cloudy with chance of rainfall in the morning.
Winds: northern northwestern 3 – 7B.
Temperature: 1 – 8C.
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Weather: mild throughout the country, cloudy in the east and south with chance of showers in northern Crete.
Winds: northern 4 – 7B.
Temperature: minor drop with frost forming at night and morning in the continental regions.
Weather: cloudy with showers and snowfall in hilly areas.
Winds: northern northeastern moderate to strong.
Temperature: 5 – 8C.
Weather: mild.
Winds: variable moderate.
Temperature: -1 – 5C.
Next week
Next week (9 to December 15) starts with good weather conditions but on Tuesday, December 10 weather will worsen with snowfall on the mountains and in areas of central, eastern and northern Greece with a lower altitude and will be stay until the end of the week without any significant improvement. Temperature will remain at low levels.
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