Kapsis for ERT: We are talking but time is running out

Kapsis for ERT: We are talking but time is running out

There is no better solution than that proposed by the Greek government

The solution is blocked by unionist rigidities Deputy Public Broadcasting Minister Pantelis Kapsis said

"We talking, but time is running out," Pantelis Kapsis said on the issue of ERT in an interview in Vima FM 99.5.

The Vice Minister said there is no better solution for the workers than that proposed by the Greek government, and that the majority of staff wants to find a solution, but it gets blocked "from rigidities of political and unionist character."

"I will try to the end to achieve it, but there is the Council of State decision and unfortunately we will have to find another solution soon if we cannot agree," he added.

When asked as to how soon the new public broadcaster will start its program if there is an agreement with the employees, Kapsis replied that this might be a "case of few hours."

For the amount of workers' compensations he is said it is fair that they receive compensation as being laid off under the Single Wage payroll and that the ministry is promoting an amendment to the Greek Parliament.

For the employees who will staff the new Public Broadcaster, the Minister said the number of employees will result from the reorganization study, which will be held in the summer, but "it would definitely be less than today."

For the organizational structure of the new entity he said "we have laid the groundwork, but it a lot more," while on the subject of the workers’ point system ha added that it will be conducted under the "laws and the Constitution."
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