Kammenos: The traitors are finished

Kammenos: The traitors are finished

Greece will not surrender and the Parthenon will not be mortgaged, Independent Greeks president Panos Kammenos said in his pre-election speech tonight...

Greece will not surrender and the Parthenon will not be mortgaged, Independent Greeks president Panos Kammenos said in his pre-election speech tonight.
He used very harsh words against Venizelos and Samaras, and spoke of "worshippers that opened the Kerkoporta of the Memorandum" and a "coalition government gang" that met in secret Bilderberg clubs to bring Greece to its knees.
"They called us right-wing, left wing and followers of PASOK, but we are only Independent Greeks."
He referred to the criticism he has been receiving, saying "they say we are dangerous. Yes, we are dangerous for those who robbed the Greeks and mortgaged Greece, dangerous to media parrots who think they will suppress the popular will."
He stated that he and his party did not sign any memorandum "nor sent a letter promising to surrender our country" and called the leaders of PASOK and New Democracy "traitors of the country". "In this place the traitors have no tomorrow. They must be prepared to leave because on Sunday night they will be undesirable for Greece."
He called Venizelos and Samaras "usurers that nobody believes in" and stated that the Greeks must take in their hands the fortunes of the people.
He said that if he is called upon to govern, he will bring to the fore the country's needs and then the servicing of the debt.
"Wages and pensions are at risk from loan sharks, who would divide up the livelihoods of the Greeks, and not from us. First come wages, pensions, schools and hospitals and then the debt. We will pay it when we can and not when they want."
He called Antonis Samaras the "president of Sympilidis" and stressed that this ND is not related to the ND of Constantine Karamanlis and the current PASOK with that of Andreas Papandreou, who said that Greece belongs to the Greeks.
"Do you stick to labels? Come to the Independent Greeks," said Panos Kammenos, making an opening towards ND and PASOK voters, and pledged to create special tax zones in acritic Greece, with a 5% tax in the first 10 years for anyone that would invest as long as they would hire Greek workers.
The Independent Greeks president stated that "Tsochatzopoulos in prison is not enough, the wings of Korydallos must grow a lot more," and promised to bring to justice those who embezzled public money.
Lastly, referring to illegal immigrants, he said he will urge EU to push Turkey by any means to implement the return treaty for immigrants. "If it does not apply it within 30 days, we will give travel documents to the immigrants and let their authorities look for them in Munich, Paris and London."
Dimaras then took to the podium, stating that "we must tell them our big 'no' this Sunday no matter how hard they are trying to intimidate us."
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