Auctions: The bill has passed

Auctions: The bill has passed

The Greek government surpassed today’s test - Changes to calm the MPs - The law on property taxes was approved at noon

The auctions bill was passed in the Greek parliament with the support of New Democracy and PASOK MPs late Saturday afternoon, completing a weekend in which the governmental cohesion acquired another loss dropping its majority power at 152 MPs.

Regarding the adopted Law, 152 deputies voted "for" and 141 "against". The absentees were Vyron Polidoras -who earlier voted against the bill single real estate tax and was deleted from ND, Apostolos Kaklamanis, Nikos Nikolopoulos, Pavlos Chaikalis and the three arrested members of the Golden Dawn.

The government surpassed the issues of real estate tax and auctions and now the question that for the parliamentary staffs of the coalition is whether there is any more room for losses.

In the morning opposition leader Alexis Tsipras called on coalition MPs to stop playing hide and seek by saying “I disagree but will vote for it, it is unconstitutional but will vote for it, I will vote for it but with a heavy heart," paving the way for Vyron Polidoras to vote against the bill on the Single Property Tax.

In the afternoon, FinMin Yannis Stournaraw had improved the initial estimates of the auctions draft law. The main problem with the parliamentary debate was the introduction of a tax/fine at 10% if taxpayers would delay the installment payment over two months, a period that was considered small. Stournaras announced it will be lengthened to six months.


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