Twenty years imprisonment for Akis Tsochatzopoulos - 12 for Vicky Stamatis

No extenuation for Akis on the bribes of 55 million - 16 years imprisonment for Sbokos, 12 for Areti, the daughter of the former minister - The 17 defendants that received bribes of 55 million euros were found guilty apart from Zigras

The Court of Appeals imposed the highest of penalties to Akis Tsochatzopoulos for the case of bribes in the armament programs.

In detail the penalties imposed are as follows:

Apostolos-Athanasios Tsochazopoulos: 20 years

Asterios Economides: 12 years

Euphrosyne Lambropoulou: 13 years

Nikolaos Zigras: 6 years

George Sachpatzidis: 13 years

Areti Tsochatzopoulos: 12 years

Vicky Stamatis: 12 years

Yannis Sbokos: 16 years

Talita-Maria Tsekoura: 10 years

Nikolas Georgoulakis: 10 years

Panagiotis Stamatis: 6 years

Oratios Melas: 10 years

Konstantinos Antoniades: 10 years

Gudrun Moldenhauer (Tsohatzopoulos’ former wife): 6 years

Fotios Arvanitis: 6 years

Nikolas Karatzas: 6 years

George Konstantatos: 10 years

After the announcement of the penalties, prosecutor Adeilinis proposed that all those who are already in custody to remain in jail except Areti Tsochatzopoulos and Zigras. For Areti Tsochatzopoulos she said she should stay out of prison due to having three children one of which has a health problem and she is solely responsible for their custody. Thus, according to her proposal Akis Tsohatzopoulos, Vicky Stamatis, George Sachpatzidis, Ioannis Sbokos and Vicky Lambropoulou should remain in prison.

For the others (including Areti Tsochatzopoulos and Nikos Zigras) who were imposed restrictive conditions, the prosecutor requested that the appeal be of suspensive power and they continue to remain out of prison.

This proposal was fully supported by deputy prosecutor Panagiotopoulos as well.

No extenuation for Akis

Former Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos was found guilty without any extenuation of the offense of money laundering, and it was estimated he has received 55 million euros from bribes to assign German and Russian companies contracts to built submarines and air defense systems.

In its judgment, the Court of Appeals did not accept extenuations neither for the other 15 co-defendants of Tsohatzopoulos. The extenuation of sincere remorse was recognized only for Nikolaos Zigras who cooperated with the investigating authorities. As the president of the Court Christos Katsianis said for the other defendants, except Zigras, the court will take into account specific behaviors regarding their sentencing.

It should be noted that the judges considered Tsochatzopoulos guilty for the offense of money laundering, as the other 16 co-defendants, including his wife Vicky Stamatis, his daughter Areti, his former wife Gudrun Moldenhauer, Yannis Sbokos and Nikos Zigras, who was found not guilty only for one of his actions.

The following were also found guilty of money laundering: Asterios Economides, Euphrosyne Lambropoulou, George Sachpatzidis, Talita-Maria Tsekoura, Nikolaos Georgoulakis, Panagiotis Stamatis, Oratios Melas, Konstantinos Antoniadis, Fotios Arvanitis, Nikolaos Karatzas and George Konstadatos.



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