“Red alert” in Greek Police for Temponeras - Cores

“Red alert” in Greek Police for Temponeras - Cores

3.000 police on the streets and concern for a possible hit because of the trial of the arrestees next Monday 

The Greek Police expects a within the next five days, as along with the rally for the 20th anniversary of the murder of teacher Nikos Temponeras, the trial of those accused of terrorism begins on Monday.

The entire force is on red alert to avoid incidents in the rally and a possible hit by other members of the Conspiracy of Cores of Fire. Besides, in their last manifesto due to the start of the trial, the organization had threatened the judges directly, the possibility open for a new hit.

MAT forces, motorcyclists of DI.AS and police officers have been patrolling the central streets since early in the morning, with orders to keep a low profile but react immediately to suspicious movements. Information doesn’t talk about an organized plan, however some antiauthoritarian blocks might try to create tension with molotovs.

It is estimated that 3.000 officers from all forces will take part in the celebrations. «For us, the Pan-Educational rally looks like a minor celebration for the Polytechnic and the devised plan is similar» says a Greek Police officer emphatically.

Meanwhile, the antiterrorist unit is puzzled as the starting day for the trial of those accused of terrorism is approaching.

Sources say that the estimation of the Police analysts talks about the possibility of an impressive attack by the Cores of Fire just before the trial start on Monday.

For this reason security measures have increased, mainly around judiciary targets and other people connected with Greek justice. Indeed, the patrolling officers have received clear instructions to be extra careful.
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