Greek government welcomes troika with its own proposals and "tools"

Greek government welcomes troika with its own proposals and "tools"

They agreed on a common line towards the lenders – Decisions for milk, non-prescription drugs and books - Negotiations for structural measures - The first indication of the surplus will be seen in the eurogroup

The members of the Greek government agreed to prepare a joint position and negotiating line towards the troika on the structural changes proposed by OECD and especially milk, non-prescription drugs and books.
In the meeting under the PM Samaras, the government also decided to maintain the objective to cover only 80% of OECD’s list of measures with emphasis on settings for bread, detergents, cement, building materials and hotels.
The government is preparing to welcome troika with proposals of its own structural measures and "tools". "Troika has its own tools and we have ours," a government agent said before the meeting. As examples of the Greek proposals he mentioned the institutional framework for clinical trials and drug authorization by the EOF to attract customers from abroad and promote Greek drugs.
The same agent reiterated that the aim is to complete the deal until March 10 and that Samaras will not talk on a political basis with the troika.
Tomorrow, Monday, the troika will meet at 4 pm with Yannis Stournara and at 7 with Hadjidakis.
A government source said "we must see how much the primary surplus will be as it will play a very big role for the realization of everybody. It will clear some great injustices."
Another government source said that today ministers were given a general direction for all subjects and the troika. Regarding the primary surplus he said that "we have to see it with troika," while for  its for distribution to vulnerable groups "whatever is towards this direction is positive. I think it is the first evidence for someone to see that the injustices are being lifted."
As an economic staff member estimated, the first indication about the hight of the primary surplus will come at the eurogroup on March 10. According to the same source, troika's major issue in the current assessment is the structural measures rather than the financial ones.
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