Spanos in prison on fuel smuggling

Στη φυλακή ο Σπανός για το λαθρεμπόριο καυσίμων

He argued that there is neither transfer of black money nor a criminal organization - The three other defendants will also be lead to prison - Tension after the announcement of the decision

The main accused of the fuel smuggling case George Spanos will be lead to prison following the agreement of both the investigator and prosecutor.

In his testimony the ETEKA president denied all the accusations against him but his claims did not convince the two magistrates.

Along with George Spanos the other three defendants will also be lead to prison. A woman, co-owner on a service station, was set free under bail of 20,000 euros and the restrictive conditions of not leaving the country and reporting to a police station at regular periods of time.

Shortly after the announcement of the decision the assembled followers of Atromitos FC attacked the journalists outside the courts in Piraeus causing the intervention of riot police to calm the situation.

The testimony of Spanos

The advocate of the ETEKA company told reporters that the course of the investigation proves that there is no trafficking of black money or criminal organization and the police file spoke of a 3.5 million euro loss, which the investigator limited to 600,000 euro. He also said that it was proved that ETEKA made no return from the presumed amount the fuel truck were taking back because there was a tax warehouse at the company's premises controlled by customs officers.
The trade unionist and directorate head of the Environment ministry allegedly involved in the fuel smuggling case will testify Sunday. The rest of the arrestees are detained at the police headquarters and will testify Sunday and Monday.
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