EU thinking of a special summit in Athens

EU thinking of a special summit in Athens

Brussels and Berlin want to emphasize the European profile of the Greek Prime Minister - Angela Merkel in Athens in March

In the last hours start leaking rumors from Brussels and Berlin speak of a possible special summit of the European Union in Athens before the elections of May 25. These rumors, which still cannot be attributed to specific stances or decisions of powerful EU factors are associated with the Angela Merkel’s effort and the leaders of the Union to support the government of Antonis Samaras and give a message of close cooperation and solidarity in his government’s efforts in the economy.

However, speaking at sources from Maximos Mansion did not confirm these rumors, stressing that this is common but there is nothing definitive yet.

 It is not uncommon to have special summits, but to have one in the specific period and with clear political messages, is a development that will give prestige to the Greek Presidency and will be fully exploited by the Greek government in the difficult battle of the European elections..

The main objective of the Greek Premier in the coming period will be to strengthen his EU profile in contrast with shades of euroscepticism accompanying the nomination of Alexis Tsipras for the European Commission.

The mood for support on Samaras from Berlin is a given, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Greece in March.

Also, the congress of the European People's Party (EPP) will be held in Athens, in order to finally and officially select the center-right candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, namely the adversary of Tsipras and the socialist Martin Schulz.
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