Pension at 68 but from 2030, EU says

Pension at 68 but from 2030, EU says

Report for the insurance bill

Greece has made the necessary reforms - The retirement age increase could come from improvements in life expectancy rate
In its report that was prepared in 2011 the European Commission talks about increasing the retirement age to 68 years by 2030 that will come from the increased life expectancy rates, which today for men after 65 is 18 years and for women 20 years.
The report also mentions that Greece has currently taken the necessary reforms in order to avoid the need of an immediate and violent change of limits.
It should be reminded, as Kathimerini newspaper reported, that Greece has undertaken to legislatively adjust the retirement age based on the trends of the life expectancy increase.
Based on demographic projections from 2011 to 2030, the Greeks will continue to spend a quarter of their adult life in retirement. This ranges from 25% -30% and is increased by only 2% in 2060.
Since 2012, the general retirement age in Greece is at 67. From 2021 and for every three years it is expected to receive a new adaptation based on life expectancy rates.
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