The biological parents of Maria were found in Bulgaria

The biological parents of Maria were found in Bulgaria

According to Bulgarian media the parents are Atanas and Sasha Rousseff found in Stara Zagora - They say they gave the child away because they could not take her with them - The oldest son says they took money

New twist in case of little Maria as according to Bulgarian media her biological parents were found in Stara Zagora.

As the newspaper Trud reports in an extensive posting on its website, Maria’s parents are Atanas and Sasha Rousseff, who, according to the same information are in custody and interrogated at the local police station.

The family, according to the newspaper, has seven to ten children, two of whom have blond hair and blue eyes, like Maria. This was, as the article argues, the pretext of the investigations by the Greek authorities about a week ago.

According to the same reports, the mother of Maria recognized her when they saw her on TV and requested the return of their child.

According to Maria’s uncle, the brother of her father, the little girl was born in Greece during the period that her parents worked in the fields picking olives and oranges. He claims that the couple left the kid in Greece because they could not secure the necessary documents for her transfer back to Bulgaria. The eldest child of the family, however, has his own version saying that his parents took money to give away the little Maria.
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