Troika’s return to Athens is suspended

Senior official of the Eurozone urges Greece to act wise: Troika will return to Greece when the Greek government will be ready – He expresses his regret for the statements by Greek politicians that there will be no new measures

'Troika will return to Greece when the Greek government will be ready,’ a senior Eurozone official said today adding that he regrets that many Greek politicians say there will be no new measures. 'We're not discussing horizontal measures but targeted,’ he explains.

The European partners of Greece believe that these new measures are not necessary, nor will it be correct that they come by horizontal cuts in wages and pensions, but should be financial in nature and focused on specific spending cuts.

Information from Brussels, according to "Kathimerini" newspaper, say the Thomsen group will insist on the adoption of fiscal measures with certain efficiency in the budget of 2014, in order to achieve the defined primary surplus target.

Brussels calculate the budgetary gap at 2 billion euros in 2014, while Greece estimates it at 500 million.

Regarding the disbursement of the final July installment of 1 billion euros, EU sources said that first the Greek side should satisfy the four prerequisites under the Memorandum, the first and most important of which is the mobility of 12,500 employees in the public sector.

The second prerequisite regards the restructuring of the three Greek defense industries EAS, ELVO and LARCO and according to Brussels, two of them must be shut down.

The third prerequisite is the repayment of the outstanding state debts to EYDAP and EYATH and the fourth is the new code for lawyers.
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