PASOK: Nominal vote to suspend Golden Dawn funding

Venizelos is trying to press SYRIZA, in which can be heard voices against the amendment - Ongoing discussion in Greek parliament

The PASOK parliamentary group is expected to submit a proposal for a nominal vote on the amendment that provides for the suspension of state funding of political parties after the public differentiations by SYRIZA MPs.

According to information at, PASOK members will attempt to put the Opposition in front of its responsibilities, asking a clear public statement regarding the amendment, which "condemns parties when significant members are organizing a criminal association and for terrorist acts."

It is reminded that the official position of SYRIZA is in favor of the approval of the amendment. However, both the inner workings of the party and individual consultations, have shown that at least Panagiotis Lafazanis differs from the party line and states that he will not vote in favor of the disputed amendment.

According to today's publication in "Aygi" newspaper, Lafazanis reportedly said he agrees with the suspension of financing the Golden Dawn, adding that "the addition of the amendment to Article 187 A, with which the authorities will be able to suspended funding to a political party if there is a prosecution under this article, is unacceptable. With this addition to the amendment it can arbitrarily assumed that in the future, quite possibly, a parliamentary party could be regarded as a terrorist organization. That is why we are fundamentally opposed to the inclusion of Article 187 A in the amendment to the suspension of political party funding."

Zoe Konstantopoulou has also voiced her objections to this article.
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