She was given to us by Bulgarian gypsies, the Roma couple says for little Maria

She was given to us by Bulgarian gypsies, the Roma couple says for little Maria

The 39-year-old who appeared as the kid’s father asked to be released to meet the real parents – Maria is about 5 or 6 years old as revealed by dental examination - DNA sample by a couple from Thessaloniki who had lost their newborn child in 2009

The two defendants that were appearing as parents of the 4-year-old Mary which was found in a Roma settlement in Farsala were both deemed fit for imprisonment. They are Christos Salis 39-years-old and Eleftheria Dimopoulou 40, both accused for kidnapping a minor and seizure of documents.

The defense lawyers said that respecting the investigative process and the Code of Conduct they do not intend to make a statement and respect the decision of Justice.

According to information, in his defense the 39-year old argued that when the Bulgarian Roma with Maria’s natural mother met his family, in order to give their child, he was absent and when he returned 15 days later, he found the child at home.

He claimed that he did not want to keep the girl because of his criminal record, but his wife said she loved it and so the child remained in the family. He also asked to be released to meet the Bulgarian couple who, he said, live in Greece and for the lifting of the telephone privacy for him and his wife in order to locate the real parents of the child.

The 40-year-old Eleftheria Dimopoulou is seen next to Maria in a video filmed two years ago.

Following an order of the investigative judge their photographs were released after their testimony, in order to facilitate the operation to identify the little girl.

Little Maria is about 5-6 years old

 Meanwhile, the dental examination which Maria underwent today revealed that she is about 5-6 years old and not 4 as originally estimated, as revealed by the president of the organization "The Smile of the Child".

A couple from Thessaloniki will give a DNA sample

The case of a couple from Thessaloniki who had lost their newborn child in 2009 is characteristic.

The couple denounces how the hospital did not allow them to see their dead child, claiming that there was a risk of infection. However, because the case took the path of justice the parents asked to exhume the remains only to find that their child's coffin was empty.

After the uncovering of the case of 4-year-old Maria, the parents asked to undergo a DNA test to find out whether the little girl is their lost child, as it fits both her age and characteristics.

The couple has already been examined and the first DNA results show, according to Larissa police, that the 4-year-old Maria is not their lost child, but the couple will request a re-sampling, as they believe their first sample might have been tampered with.
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