The FSF «golden boys» receive 2 million euros a year

The salaries of the “golden” EFSF members reach 2 million euros annually

The salaries of the “golden” EFSF members reach 2 million euros annually according to a document sent by the Finance Ministry to the Greek parliament to answer a question from PASOK MP Ulysses Konstantinopoulos.

More specifically, according to the document all payroll amounts to 1,998,033 euros, 223,585 of which relate to social security contributions.

What is striking is that from the 1.7 million euros in net earnings, 550,926 euros (333,227 euros net) are the salaries of three executive members of the Fund and 1.2 million euros (1,045,571 euros net) the salaries of the remaining staff.

According to the relevant financial report for 2012 (the administration changed in 2013) the fees are as follows:

-       Panagiotis Thomopoulos, president (executive member) 241,479 euros

-       Harry Kyrkos, vice president (executive member) 167,003 euros

-       Anastasios Gagalis, vice president (executive member) 161,636 euros

-       Elias Plaskovitis (until June 2012) (non-executive member) 13.812 euros

-       Vasiliki Zakka (non-executive member) 27,624 euros

-       George Mergos (from July 2012) (non-executive member) 13,812 euros

-       Elias Tzavalis (independent non-executive member) 27,624 euros

-       Pepi Iplixian (independent non-executive member) 28,043 euros
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