Chances for a new debt haircut by Hadjidakis

Chances for a new debt haircut by Hadjidakis

The statement of the Minister of Development in Die Welt has caused quite a stir – Merkel: I cannot see new haircut – Statements reproduced by German media

"If we are reliable then I am confident that our partners will show solidarity towards Greece." This phrase from Kostis Chatzidakis in an interview in the newspaper Die Welt, has already provoked reactions, mainly in Germany, where this phrase is a taboo, in view of the critical German elections that will largely determine the future of Angela Merkel.

The German magazine Spiegel reproduces Chatzidakis’ statement in an article entitled "Athens awaits a new haircut", noting that at present such a possibility remains academic. The magazine reproduces statements by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble as well, saying there is no chance for a new haircut.

In the same story, Spiegel makes extensive reference to the telegram by Reuters agency, showing Troika as not being satisfied by the first contacts with Greek ministers and gives a deadline of three days to the Greek government to implement the conditions attached to the bailout and take the next tranche of the loan.

Chatzidakis insists that Greece has done enough to get the tranche. "We implement what has been agreed with the Troika and do all we can to achieve the reforms by the end of the year," he said in Die Welt.


Merkel for the haircut


The German Chancellor addressed the issue as well. Speaking on some journalists on Tuesday and asked by Süddeutsche Zeitung, Angela Merkel said that Greece has made great progress, thanks to the government of Antonis Samaras that is oriented towards the agreed reforms. Asked about a potential new haircut of the Greek debt she said, "I cannot see it."
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