Samara and Tsipras to duel in parliament

Samara and Tsipras to duel in parliament

Today’s debate in parliament, on the occasion of the agrarian issue brought up by Alexis Tsipras, is expected to evolve into a long all-inclusive confrontation between... 

Today’s debate in parliament, on the occasion of the agrarian issue brought up by Alexis Tsipras, is expected to evolve into a long all-inclusive confrontation between Antonis Samaras and the SYRIZA president.
With farmers still lining their tractors on highways, the premier will defend his policy and say that he satisfied as many of their demands as the difficult economic situation allowed him to. He will attack SYRIZA for populism and that while it does not have a clear and coherent policy, it nurtures any protests to cause damage to the government. He will also exploit the latest turn to realistic policies by the SYRIZA leadership. But what’s interesting is whether the leader of the main opposition will distinguish Samaras’ New Democracy from its Karamanlis tradition in an attempt to exploit the shadows created within the party. The invitation by the Konstantinos Karamanlis Foundation to Tsipras to appear as a speaker at an event organized next week has caused discomfort at Maximos Mansion, as has the information about contacts of Karamanlis’ supporters with SYRIZA.
Samaras appearance in parliament after a long time comes at a time when the government looks ahead to the Troika audit and the prime minister is preparing for the journey to Turkey with the utilization of energy reserves in the Aegean in the spotlight. The difficult thing about the first issue is the reduction of the public sector that will largely depend on Troika behavior. Despite the veto of the relevant minister Antonis Manitaksi and DIMAR, finmin Stournaras has not ruled out the possibility of layoffs. If the Troika insists, layoffs could be postponed for the second half of the year in order to not destabilize the government. Meanwhile, the prime minister is pushing his ministers to accelerate their pace and to implement the memorandum commitments, overcoming the political cost even by using the threat of a reshuffle. It is assumed that after the completion of the Troika audit, Samaras will proceed to replacing the ministers who have not met the requirements.
Tsipras believes that Samaras is avoiding the parliamentary debate, hence he is usually absent from prime time; so the questions addressed to him are answered by the relevant ministers.
According to information, Tsipras will move more around the insistence of the Greek government to implement the dead end policy of the Troika despite the confession of the error by the IMF and will blame Samaras for not negotiating anything with the lenders but blindly follows the tactics that suit Angela Merkel.
He is expected to criticize the government for preparing new measures and that the prime minister is not sincere when he says he will not decrease the minimum wage. He will reiterate the vehement opposition of his party to privatizations, which take the form of selling out Greece’s public property.
He will make particular reference to the authoritarianism with which the government faces any public reaction and is sure to personally blame Samaras for the adoption of a right-wing agenda on various issues.
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