The evaluation inspection by the technical teams of the Troika starts today

Ξεκινά ο έλεγχος αξιολόγησης από τα τεχνικά κλιμάκια της τρόικας

The audits by the technical teams of the Troika into the implementation of the economic policy in Greece begin today, Monday...

The audits by the technical teams of the Troika into the implementation of the economic policy in Greece begin today, Monday, while at the end of the week heads Paul Thomsen (IMF), Mathias Morse (EU) and Klaus Masuch (ECB) are expected in Athens.
The technical teams will go to the ministries of Finance, Administrative Reform, Labor, Health and Development, the Bank of Greece and the Fund for the Development of Private Property Bills (TAIPED), while they are also expected to meet with members of the Financial Stability Fund. At the heart of the audits lies the management of human resources in the public sector, the course of the privatization program and the reorganization of collecting and the control mechanism of the State.
The Troika will examine the progress of placing of 25,000 civil servants in the mobility plan of the Administrative Reform ministry, 12,500 of them by June, and the new plans of the ministries. Also, they will look into the progress of the privatization program, which is expected to bring 2.6 billion euros in 2013, and will focus on the privatization of OPAP and DEPA. It will assess the income tax codification and the progress in drafting the tax code procedures.
The Finance ministry will present a plan for the reconstitution of the tax collecting and auditing mechanism, according to which by the end of June the Greek State will recruit 200 auditors and a total of 500 by the end of 2013. It will also raise issues for discussion related to the repatriation of capital, the new setting for the arrears to the State, the single property tax, the new system for determining the objective value of real estate property and a review of VAT rates in catering.
According to information, the Troika heads will come to Athens on March 1 and will be meeting with Finance minister Stournaras on Sunday, March 3. If all goes well Thomsen, Morse and Masuch will remain in Athens until Saturday, March 9.
The disbursement of the 2.8-billion-euro tranche of March and the 6-billion one for April, which will repay maturities of Greek State bonds, will depend on the assessment for the implementation of the program.
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