DNA samples from four suspects in search of the Paros maniac

DNA samples from four suspects in search of the Paros maniac

"We are looking into all scenarios… We are investigating all possibilities concerning the man who attacked and abused the 15-year-old student...."

"We are looking into all scenarios… We are investigating all possibilities concerning the man who attacked and abused the 15-year-old student.. Yet, we are baffled by the fact that in his panic, the perpetrator managed to dispose of the girl's mobile phone and at the same time fled the scene without anyone noticing a single thing. He must have been very cool-headed and methodical...'

The officer dealing with the case describes the situation in these words and provides a picture of the perpetrator… a maniac who attacked and abused a 15-year-old child on Golden Beach, of Paros. At the same time, numerous questions come to light. Why did it take a whole week to have the first results of the detection of genetic material come to light, and why did many officials making statements in recent days argue that this was an accident?

Appeal to citizens

In the framework of their inquiries on the case of the 15-year-old Greek national, who was found seriously injured at 19:20 on Sunday 22-07-2012 on New Golden Beach or “Tserdakia”, Paros, the Greek police request that anyone with any information contact the Attica Police Division hotline on 210-6411111.

The phone line operates 24 hours a day, while anonymity and privacy of communication are ensured.
The profile of the maniac.
The results of tests conducted on the body and clothes of the 15-year old student showed that there are traces of male biological material, while some of the bruises discovered on her body are not due to a fall. Thus, the police investigation is now being conducted on a new basis since the existence of a maniac is confirmed, and there is now an urgent need to identify and arrest him before a second victim appears. Information indicates that the police are trying to build the profile of the perpetrator…

The most likely scenario is that it may have been a voyeur or a mentally disturbed person hiding in the rocks, seeking to satisfy his sick passions. An important factor is age and nationality. The fact that he hit the student and threw her on the cliffs indicates a young person. But police are not yet able to determine whether the perpetrator is Greek or foreign, a tourist, worker or local resident. So they characteristically state that “we are hunting for a man and we know nothing about him…”.
What Police are looking for
The officers of the Prosecution Against Life Crimes are called upon to solve the puzzle. Who is the man that attacked the 15 year-old girl? Did he know her, was he watching her or was it a chance encounter? And of course, why so much violence on a girl of only 15? The new data dictates that investigations proceed immediately, as what happened in the area last Sunday at around 19:30 is unprecedented. In view of the toxicology tests, police (other than creating a psychological profile of the maniac), are moving in 4 directions:

- Seeking any witness who saw or heard something on the island. So far there are no results. As strange as it may seem, no one has seen or heard anything. So far 65 people have made statements. OF these, 10 provided additional depositions, which will be reviewed by police.
- Had the 15-year old spoken to any of her friends or acquaintances about a strange man? Perhaps the perpetrator had met the student 2 days before on the island.
- Investigating the crime scene to find an item or a detail that might open the way for the investigation.
- Waiting to see if her nails contain biological material from the man, which would prove that she fought him. Otherwise it means that she was either surprised and did not react, or that it was someone known to her.

The DNA bank and the delayed tests

Notably, in our country there is no DNA bank with samples of people convicted of serious crimes, and therefore it is impossible to identify them immediately, as is the case with fingerprints. So the genetic material can be used only if the suspect is identified and needs to be cross-checked with the perpetrator… At the same time, it raises the valid issue that so many days had to pass to get the DNA results back. For such a serious case, the forensic service should have responded more quickly to speed up the police investigation. On the other hand, Police must take the matter seriously, act fast and shut their eyes and ears to the voices that say that we are at the heart of the tourist season and the rumors of the existence of a sex criminal would have an adverse impact on tourism.

“I regret that some people were quick to talk about an accident”.
The results of the tests relating to the existence of genetic material on the body and clothes of the 15-year-old vindicated the parents of the young student. The family of the unfortunate girl has been vociferously saying to island officials since the first moment that their daughter was assaulted by some unknown perpetrator. The profile of the 15- year-old indicated that their daughter did not come in contact with strangers or have friends on the island. Mr. Yannis Papadomihelakis, the father of the 15 year-old, spoke to, after the police made clear their position, which speaks of criminal acitivy”.

“I knew from the first moment that my child did not fall. For us, the results of the genetic tests were expected. We have been shouting from the outset that the police should move immediately so as not to lose valuable time. I am sorry that some people were quick to talk about an accident. I hope the perpetrator will be arrested immediately not only for what he did to my child, but also to avoid a second victim. What is important for me now is my child’s health for her to be out of the danger and get well”, stated Mr. Papadomichelakis.

The 15-year-old is critical but stable.
After a whole week of hospitalization in the ICU of the “Attikon” hospital, the patient remains intubated and sedated, as necessitated by her very heavy injuries, and the aim of the doctors at this stage is to save the strength of the 15-year-old's body.

“Despite the severity of the head injuries, the patient’s condition is under control”, says the deputy director of the ICU, Stelios Orfanos, to

As noted, however, by hospital intesivists, the type of injury and the short period of hospitalization does not allow for further assessment of the outcome of the 15-year-old girl's condition.
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