New polls show SYRIZA strengthened

New polls show SYRIZA strengthened

Two new polls, the one by Kappa Research and that of Public Issue, present a strengthened SYRIZA and generalized uncertainty among the voters.

Two new polls, the one by Kappa Research and that of Public Issue, present a strengthened SYRIZA. People were asked what they shall vote in case of new elections: SYRIZA gets 20.5%, ND 18.1%, PASOK 12.2%, Independent Greeks 8.4%, KKE 6.5%, Golden Dawn 5.8%, DIMAR 5%, Ecologists Green 2.5%, Democratic Alliance 2.5%, LAOS 2.4%, Creation Again 2.2%, Action 1.3% and the undecided at 10.9%.

72% of the people believe everything can be achieved with give and take from all sides, 22.9% want new elections while 78.1% look forward to seeing Greece remaining in the Eurozone.

Asked about which of the parties that have entered parliament they would like to see in a government, DIMAR got 72.6%, SYRIZA, 68%, ND 54.3%, PASOK 52.9%, Independent Greeks 47.7%, KKE 22.5% and GD 8%.

61% of the citizens find SYRIZA’s proposal unrealistic and 55.3% think the Left must get reconstructed while, simultaneously, 53.4% asks for the same thing regarding the Right. Fotis Kouvelis remains the most popular figure, and then come Tsipras, Papademos, Avramopoulos, Kammenos, Loverdos, Demas, Samaras, Venizelos and Chatzidakis. Moreover, 65.1% of the people believe that as far as ND and PASOK are concerned, the punitive treatment prevailed.

The Public Issue opinion poll on behalf of the Kathimerini on Sunday newspaper shows a distinct picture of uncertainty among the voters. 56% of them are displeased with the election result but, quite interestingly, should elections be repeated, 81% of them would not vote otherwise.

Lastly, 62% of all respondents said that no party is likely to win the clear majority needed to form a government on its own, even after another round of elections.
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