"We will seek a government of the Left"

"We will seek a government of the Left"

As he stated on Sunday evening, Alexis Tsipras will seek a government of the Left...

As he stated on Sunday evening, Alexis Tsipras will seek a government of the Left. As he characteristically said, "from tomorrow, we will work towards an agreement primarily with the forces of the Left," while he underlined that "our sole commitment is to do everything in our power to grant this land a government which will abolish the Memorandum of default."

He stressed that "although Samaras and Venizelos didn't grasp the fact, the election result is a serious message of subversion. It is a message of a peaceful revolution. The peoples of Europe cannot settle for the memoranda of barbarity. Mrs. Merkel must realize that her policies have been defeated. The people mandate that a new day must dawn without memoranda of barbarous measures, but with solidarity and justice."

And he continued:"With their vote, the people have commanded that we go forward with Greece's democratic renaissance as our aim, with a new Greece of dignity as our goal. The paries which signed the memoranda are now in the minority. Their signatures are no longer legitimate. If eventually the two parties manage to achieve a borderline majority, it will be due to the electoral law which violates the will of the people. We are fully aware of the hardships this nation is being subjected to, as well as of the great responsibility assigned to us by a large part of the electoral body. Our considerable rise is a reward for our proposal for a government of the Left which will overturn the memorandum. This proposal spread hope in the country."

Commenting on the poll percentages which depict SYRIZA's potential to emerge as the second power, Alexis Tsipras' associates point out that "this is a very important step." They reiterate that they will try to implement what they had committed to prior to the elections; that is, forming a government of the left and doing whatever is necesssary to disentangle Greece from the memorandum.

Great elation dominates the central offices of the party on Koumoundourou and the election centre in downtown Athens.

Party officials note that electoral success is due to a great extent to the fact that the party's proposal for a government of the Left became the focus of the discussion. "In this manner, the argument that a vote for the left would lead to a lack of governance was invalidated," stessed one of Tsipras' close associates.

The estimation of the SYRIZA leadership is that ultimately the party will occupy second place. There have been rumours circulating during the last few minutes that if SYRIZA emerges as the first power, they will not be granted the 50-seat bonus which the top party is entitled to according to the electoral law. In this case, Mr. Tsipras' associates declare that they will react and will not allow the 50 binus seats to be taken away. Please note again that this is only in the event that SYRIZA surpasses ND and emerges at the top spot.
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