Tsipras’ speech in Omonia

Tsipras’ speech in Omonia

The people will enforce the governmental cooperation of the Left

"For several days now the specter of a democratic government of the Left has been hovering over Greece," said SYRIZA PG president Alexis Tsipras, unleashing an attack against "the forces of wealth, vested interests and the bank oligarchy."

Speaking at the rally in Omonia, he repeated that all these forces "now have only one opponent, SYRIZA, and only one nightmare, a government of the Left. And they worry so much lest on Monday a new day dawns for the people and the country. We welcome their fear and their attacks; they have every right to fear and fight us. They even asked us to return the mandate that will be given to us by the people. We will not lay down our weapons the people will give us, the command will not be returned, but will become a force to overthrow them."

As he said, in these elections "it is not simply SYRIZA that stands against the political establishment of the memorandum, but the oligarchy of Greece with the Greece of democracy. Come Monday we will have a strong popular mandate for a government of the Left that will terminate the loan agreement, cancel the memorandum of default and stop the people’s descent into misery."

Addressing the leftist voters, he asked them to give "the battle of unity." Referring to the refusal of the Communist Party to cooperate, he said "and who benefits from the stubbornness of some leaders of the Left, KKE mainly, that we remain divided? The establishment, the usurers and the vested interests, not our people. Our opponent is not the Communist Party but Samaras and Venizelos. We do not understand the insistence of the Communist Party leadership on a war against SYRIZA. The Sunday elections will judge the present and the future of our people, not who was right or wrong in the divisions of the past."

He addressed the Democratic Left, saying "we do not understand Fotis Kouvelis' insistence to reject the proposal about a government of the left, when he recently spoke on the need for a progressive government. Is it possible for this government to include Venizelos and his party? To couple progress with implementing the memorandum and the strict observance of the loan agreement? We answer NO."

Tsipras said that SYRIZA has a plan and a comprehensive program for exiting the crisis. It is based on the productive restructuring of the Greek economy, redistribution of wealth, claiming a fair and lasting solution to the debt, and the socialization of the banking system to serve the needs of society and the real economy and not of the bankers.

He added that SYRIZA guarantees that "the day after the elections, the new government of the Left will mobilize all available resources, giving priority to immediately erecting a protective shield for society. We will implement measures to redistribute income and wealth in order to relieve those most affected by the crisis: the unemployed, the homeless, those in search of food rations, the underemployed, the poor and uninsured workers, poor farmers, indebted households. Because we will eliminate the special fund that collects all state revenues by giving priority to our lenders. Because we will restore the PSI robbery of the insurance funds with public property, and cancel the cuts in pensions. Not a single euro will be given for the debt until society and the economy can stand on their own feet, until we bring a just and viable solution for its deletion on a European and international level."
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