Majority of 199 passes the new Memorandum

Εγκρίθηκε με ευρεία πλειοψηφία 199 βουλευτών το μνημόνιο

The new loan agreement was passed in principle by 199 members of PASOK, New Democracy and Messrs Voridis and Georgiadis

The new loan agreement was passed in principle by 199 members of PASOK, New Democracy and Messrs Voridis and Georgiadis.

However, the day after the adoption of the new Memorandum will witness the political system as irrelevant to anything we know today.

The deviations by MPs from ND and PASOK from the official line of their parties, to vote for the agreement between Greece and the Troika, are forcing the leaders of the so-called major parties to remove the doubters in their parliamentary groups.

The losses of New Democracy concerning the vote on the Troika package reached twenty-one.

Papandreou supporters pioneered the PASOK “No”

Members who belong to the circle of George Papandreou’s political friends and are considered “presidential” led the rebellion against the new memorandum. Of the 22 MPs who voted against the bill, or refused to attend during the crucial vote, twenty belong to Papandreou’s camp, some of whom were long-term supporters of his beliefs. The group of MPs who voted against articles of the bill, especially article 1 on labour relations, will be kept out of the ballots of the party in the next national elections.

Interest is focused on the fact that Mr. Papandreou failed to convince loyal MPs, and thus an important section of his supporters was struck off the party PG.

Voridis and Georgiadis were the LAOS members removed from their party’s Parliamentary Group for not adhering to the party line.

Maximou mansion welcomes the adoption of the Memorandum.

Satisfaction for the vote was expressed early on Monday morning by a chief executive of the PM’s office.

The same person called the leaks of PASOK and ND MPs voting against the memorandum “expected”, while he estimated that the parliamentary groups of both parties “survived”.

Commenting on the attacks and the fires which are under way in many Athenian neighborhoods, the same official spoke of large-scale events that unfolded as the result of an organized plan.

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