Neighborhoods terrorized by criminals daily

Τρόμος και αγωνία στις γειτονιές από τις επιθέσεις ληστών!

The Kalashnikov-bearing perpetrators that robbed a supermarket in the middle of N. Erithrea on Saturday afternoon...

The Kalashnikov-bearing perpetrators that robbed a supermarket in the middle of N. Erithrea on Saturday afternoon, the two attacks on northern suburb homes and the dozens of burglaries over the weekend have made the lives of citizens in the neighborhoods of Athens a nightmare.

At the same time, the police are practically dissolving the DIAS group, reducing its strength by 40%. Of around 2000 police officers who came out of the Academy, not one was assigned to the group, while 480 were assigned to riot police and 280 to Traffic.

Now the situation is on the edge, thieves enter homes raping and terrorizing, and Minister of Citizen Protection Christos Papoutsis must deal with this issue urgently. After the Police summit meeting held last week, the situation was revealed to be out of control and badly in need of solutions.

Mr. Papoutsis must prioritize fighting crime and not the assembly in Syntagma or guarding politicians and famous people.

According to official statistics, there are two assaults of rapist-robbers every 24 hours, while we mourned the first victim in Keratea just last week.

The supermarket robbery highlighted that gangs are completely out of control and will not hesitate to assault a busy store during peak hours, regardless of potential innocent victims.

During the weekend, and besides the supermarket assault, there were two invasions in houses in Penteli, while there were tens of break-ins in apartments while the tenants were out.

Within the week, gangs of ruthless robbers entered tens of houses and after terrorizing or abusing citizens they left, even stealing the latters' cars. Police have so far been trying to combat this situation reactively, instead of proactively.

They essentially put up roadblocks in areas of  the northern and southern suburbs, but with the DIAS group being decimated, the tip of the spear is blunt indeed, and the situation appears unsolvable. Information points to tens of gangs of foreign criminals who specialize in home invasions in the Athens area.

Of these, five are estimated to be brutal, while the rest comprise people with a past in bank robberies or store heists.
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