"You are just like us during World War II"

"You are just like us during World War II"

A message of solidarity to Greece was sent on Thursday evening by German vice-chancellor and Minister of Finance and Innovation...

A message of solidarity to Greece was sent on Thursday evening by German vice-chancellor and Minister of Finance and Innovation, Mr. Phillip Roesler, who is visiting our country within the framework of conducting a Hellenic-German forum at Kavouri.

“We are determined to support Greece’s financial position. You are going through hard times, but we are sending a message of optimism”, stated the German minister, who likened the situation in which Greece finds itself to the one that Germany found itself after the almost complete destruction of WWII.

However, he made it clear that Europe will wait for the Troika evaluation in order to make decisions on the country’s borrowing. Mr. Roesler proposed that an investment bank is set up especially for Greece, which will be financed by unutilized funds coming from all 27 EU countries. German investment bank KFW will lead the whole effort.

Mr. Roesler praised the efforts of the Grek government in making such radical changes and reforms in critical areas such as public administration, insurance, labor, health and taxation systems.

“In the early ‘90s, the German government collapsed just because of reforms initiated in insurance”, stated the German politician. Moreover, Mr. Roesler echoed that our own country should invest in its economy, while he underlined that German businessmen want to invest not only in sectors such as energy and real estate, but also even in Greece’s traditional industry.

On his part, Minister of Development Michalis Chrisohoidis stated that Mr. Roesler is Greece’s friend and is sending a message of support just by being in our country. He stressed that there should be a solution to the debt on a European level  and characteristically said “there is life after debt”, paraphrasing the motto “there is life after death”.

Seventy German businessmen from the fields of waste management, green energy, agriculture and building materials, renewable energy, banks and others were present during the meeting held in the Kavouri Divani Caravel hotel.

As Felix Klauda, KFW representative, stated to, it is imperative for Greece to accelerate the changes on the level of bureaucracy and environment so as to achieve the goals of attracting energy and construction investments in Greece.

To a question posed by as to whether Germany will take part in a coordinated bankruptcy effort, he laconically replied: “Such a provision cannot be made, it cannot be said at all”.
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