The economy is fuelling the election scenario

Η οικονομία  συντηρεί το σενάριο  των εκλογών

An agreement with the EU for the debt and the new measures bring proposals to Giorgos

The scenario for early elections returns as the looming EU agreement on the euro support package,and of course the Greek economy, can shape new political realities in the country.  

According to sources, Giorgos Papandreou has been receiving suggestions to look into all possibilities for early elections by April for two reasons: first, as long as there is an agreement with the EU, this period will be the best for the government as the attempt to avoid bankruptcy will have been successful. Secondly, the support package will lead to new harsh measures with wage earners and pensioners as victims once again, but also with large structural changes for which the government will need a clear public mandate.

Top members of PASOK, though, disagree with these suggestions and claim that the course of the country and its economy must not be disturbed.

The PM does not push this discussion forward, but hears all opinions and does not seem to be anxious. He is mostly awaiting developments in Europe and is currently relegating internal balances to the background.

In any case, his decisions will be made in March, while his staff regard it as a secondary issue whether voting will take place by means of a cross or a list – if there is such a choice. It is noteworthy that for elections to occur by means of lists, ie within the 18 months provided by the electoral law, they must be announced by early March.
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