Not even the Ethnarch can unite them!

 Not even the Ethnarch can unite them!

A simple attendance by Samaras as opposed to a leader's appearance by Kostas Karamanlis during the unveiling of the statue of the founder of ND

Not even the ethnarch of the right wing can bridge the internal gap of ND or unite the fragmented central-right.

The unveiling of the statue of Konstantinos Karamanlis in Thessaloniki was the occasion for the ND president Antonis Samaras to show his distance from the followers of Karamanlis and despite the rumors, it did not provide an opportunity for a meeting of the central-right leaders.

Even though the Konsatntinos Karamanlis Foundation had chartered an aircraft for VIP transportation, Samaras preferred to use a commercial flight, of course not to show his disagreement due to costs, but to avoid flying with ministers of the previous ND government.

But the gap between him and the former ND president was clear during the entire ceremony. Karamanlis escorted by his wife, arrived first. He received an apotheosis from those nostalgic of the «new governance» with applause and affirmations such as «you are the leader» «you are great» «the best» «chaos after you» etc.

Samaras arrived a few minutes later and was welcomed with modest applause. He stood far from his predecessor without exchanging a single look with him.

Instead, Karamanlis got delayed by the greeting crowd on his path. Finally, at the Byzantine Museum he approached Samaras, wished him on his nameday and exchanged standard small talk for several minutes without any political references.

In his address, Samaras praised «the Doric personality of Konsatntinos Karamanlis» and stated that «he was clear in his formulations, straight in the messages he gave and chaste in his political speech. He did not hide his ideas. He never loved the so-called political correctness. He did not succumb to the temptations of populism. He was a true leader and an absolute opponent of superficial policy and appearances». Some translated his speech as targeted to the middle areas, praised by the former PM.

The distances he kept come after his decision to leave out of the reshuffle those who had been connected with the five sinful years of Karamanlis, while it is quite obvious that he will not include them either in forthcoming elections.

Despite the rumors of previous days, the unveiling did not see the centre-right leaders come together. Bakogianni sent her MP Kostas Kiltidis, showing that not even the founder of the party can bring her close to Samaras. But the president of LAOS Giorgos Karatzaferis, also avoided the ceremony and sent his MP to Thessaloniki.

In his announcement, after stressing Karamanlis’ contribution, he makes negative innuendo about the dark spot of the second Attilas, saying «Despite his willingness to attend the unveiling of the statue in Thessaloniki, the president of LAOS G. Karatzaferis was not able to attend as Cyprus is far away and he could not return in time».

The phrase “Cyprus is far away” is attributed to K. Karamanlis when he avoided sending fighter planes in Cyprus. The development of the ceremony, however, is a blow to the side of Karamanlism and the custodians of his legacy.
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