We have the flu vaccines but not aspirins!

We have the flu vaccines but not aspirins!

“Red alert” for our health, since even before the strike shortages in some 400 medicines have been observed on the market

Pharmacists are responding to the opening up of their profession with repeated strikes, thus activating a “health warning” for the country, since because of the seasonal flu it is necessary to have access to the vaccine, and there is an issue of a shortage in basic medicine.  

And according to their representatives, things will get worse and during the next stage, they will stop giving drugs to insured people on credit. For now, pharmacists confirm that there is an organized network of night shift stores that will try and meet the needs of citizens during the strike.
The pharmacies will close but they will have a surplus of flu vaccines…

The flu is marching on in our country following its logical course in Europe, and is setting new standards for the flu vaccination that have so far remained at low levels, even in high risk groups.

The increase of incidents at ERs – until Monday evening, there were 15 all over Greece – activated the reflexes of officials and citizens about the flu vaccination.

KEELPNO has stressed the need to continue the seasonal vaccination, giving priority to groups in danger of complications from the flu, medical staff and lastly, whoever wants to be vaccinated.

However, according to the Pharmaceutical Association of Attica (FSA), there is a large stock of flu vaccines contrary to previous years. The issue of course is how this advantage will be used even at the last minute since pharmacies will be closed most days of the week according to the strike report of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association.
The «shortage» in medicine will keep growing

The pharmacists’ strikes are igniting the problem of medicine shortages. In the last weeks, there has been a shortage in over 400 drugs, from humble aspirin to others, which important for people with chronic and serious illnesses.

In fact, the FSA has sent an extrajudicial notice to the National Pharmaceutical Organisation (EOF) asking for appropriate measures to be taken, otherwise they will take legal action against those responsible.

The pharmacists admit that their actions will magnify the problem; however, they ascertain that they have taken every possible step to cover the needs that will arise from their strikes.

«The recorded shortages are due to the great decrease in medicine prices, a fact that has led dealers to exports since they sell abroad at a triple profit» says the FSA president, Kostas Lourantos, adding that they have cared for the supply of on-call pharmacies in Attica to treat citizens in need at the time of the strike.
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