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Kouroumplis exposes Papakonstantinou's chosen

Thomsen's intervention in ELSTAT was requested by Georgiou!

Thomsen's intervention in ELSTAT was requested by Georgiou!
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A letter that leaves a heavy shadow over the role of ELSTAT President Andreas Georgiou...

A letter that leaves a heavy shadow over the role of ELSTAT President Andreas Georgiou, a choice of former Finance Minister Giorgos Papakonstantinou, was presented to the House Committee responsible for investigating allegations of “bloating” the deficit.

Specifically, Mr. Kouroumplis presented an email sent by Mr. Georgiou to the head of the Troika, Poul Thomsen, in order to highlight the urgent need to change the ELSTAT operation law.

In essence, the president of the Statistical Authority indirectly asked for Mr. Thomsen’s intervention in accepting, without change, a proposed amendment of the law in order to get rid of dissenting ELSTAT members such as Mrs. Georgantas and Mr. Logothetis.

Note that both members have denounced both Mr. Georgiou and Mr. Papakonstantinou for tampering with the deficit in order to facilitate the country’s entry into the IMF support system.

Mr. Georgiou addresses “Dear Poul” and among others, states: “The proposed amendment must be passed as soon as possible, because every day that passes, the situation keeps getting worse. There is a danger of changing a proposed amendment (if the government promotes it), and in that case the situation will remain critical and dysfunctional, something which we cannot afford” and ends in a personal, familiar way, typical in these situations: “Best regards, Andreas”.

However, Mr. Kouroumplis explains that the “letter creates a major political issue since the president of the Greek Independent Authority, appointed by the House Chairman, cannot ask Mr. Thomsen for solutions to various issues” and added that “I ask Mr. Petsalnikos to demand Mr. Georgiou's resignation”.

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